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Choosing the perfect mother of the bride/groom outfit.

As the mother of the bride or groom you want to look your best at your child's wedding. Choosing the right outfit shouldn't be a struggle but many ladies don't know where to begin. Shopping for clothes should be a fun experience and not a dreaded task so to help you on your way to finding that perfect outfit we have put together a few tips that we've picked up from our stockists and their happy customers.

  • Firstly, ask the bride about colour themes, formality and dress code. Her ideas for the wedding will inspire your ideas for what you are looking for in an outfit.

  • Use the internet. It's great for ideas but more importantly you will find details for lots of independent boutiques who can help you choose an outfit.

  • When you've found a boutique, give them a call and check they have outfits on stock in your size. Many popular sizes sell out quickly.

  • When you visit your chosen boutique for the first time don't take all your family/friends/neighbours with you. It may seem like a scary experience but believe us, boutiques want your experience to be as stress free as possible. They will not force you to buy something you do not like. It's best to take one or two people you trust who will give you an honest opinion. If you wish to bring more people along with you please ask first as some boutique may not be able to accommodate large parties.

  • Set your budget but be realistic, outfits can cost anywhere from £350 upto £1500. Remember it's your childs special day so you'll want to look and feel special too.

  • Be open minded. Mother of the bride/groom outfits do not have to be traditional any more. Trouser suits, evening gowns, jumpsuits or maxi dress. Anything can be worn so long as you feel comfortable with your choice.

  • Lastly, relax and let yourself enjoy the experience. Dressing up should be fun.

Take care and best wishes

Elle x

Designer at Penguin Designs

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